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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trades, and Rumors of Trades

It is probably nothing...but I am getting a fair number of hits from people in Michigan and Windsor, Ontario searching "Filppula trade Hossa" and ending up here. My guess is that this traffic is being driven by a Filppula Facebook page that says "traded to Atlanta"--what does this mean? Probably nothing since there are many fake Facebook accounts. On the other hand, it would the ultimate internet age scoop for a player to break the news of his own trade?


  • I saw your extensive wish list. Now that Patrick Marleau is injured, the word is now about Cheechoo. He has not played as well this season; he has scored 56 goals two years ago, and maybe with the right mix, he could explode again leading up to the playoffs, but I think we need a really solid defenseman, and I wouldn't do the deal without getting one. I think that Murray from San Jose would be a good deal too. I don't think that San Jose would give up Rivet, but Murray maybe.

    The Winnipeg Sun mentioned Rachunek from the Devils, Dan Boyle from the Lightning only to be dealt with Brad Richards. Wow! That sounds like a good deal too. I even heard that Tampa Bay was looking to deal Vaclav Prospal too. Then there is Campbell with Buffalo. I can't see Buffalo letting him go so easily. I think that they would make a big mistake letting him go, but I guess if the right trade was offered anything is possible.

    Then there's Antoine Vermette, who would also be a good acquisition, but I can't see Ottawa doing that. I would like to see Phillips or Wade Redden from Ottawa because of their defensive skills but not sure if they are up for free agency or if they would even be dealt.

    I went to the morning skate, and I got a bunch of autographs. I hope that we can keep Recchi, Dupuis, and Perrin. Of the last two games I have seen live, I have really been impressed with Dupuis and Perrin. The two of them are either getting some key assists or some great goals. At the Vancouver game, I know the Thrashers lost, but to see Dupuis that persistent was awesome. I think he scored in a shootout and won another recently for us. Same with Perrin. He scored in the Capitals game, they took it away, and then he scored again and it counted. I think that he had at least another assist in that game too. I thanked and encouraged both of them to keep playing well after the morning skate this morning when I got their autographs. Not that I am the most important person in the world, but I know I would appreciate it if someone supported me and encouraged me like the support they get from the fans. I even got Zhitnik's and Exelby's autograph because I want to even encourage them. I know Zhitnik has not played as well as we would like, but he did score a goal in a recent game. And evey little bit helps. Same with Exelby. He has made some great hits on defense, and I always hope he plays better. After going to the morning skate, I think I realize that these guys are human; they need encouragement like anyone else, and looking at how they respond to the fans, and when fans don't pay them attention could be ego-deflating for any player. So, I thought, "It's better to encourage them than be negative; this is Atlanta's hockey team. We should be glad that they have enough pride to try and play for us. We could be struggling right now like the LA Kings, Tampa Bay Lightning, or Toronto Maple Leafs. Speaking of which Tampa Bay is down, but not completely out. It is difficult and unlikely for them, but there are still about 20 games left. If one team gets hot, and another gets a key injury, the whole playoff picture could change quickly. Look at Carolina, Detroit, and Colorado. All three are past Stanley Cup winners, but are human nonetheless.

    So, I say, "Let's encourage our players rather than criticize." Maybe they will surprise us.

    I have been talking about the Hossa trade, but I really would rather him stay. I like him a lot as a player and a person. I heard after the Tuesday morning skate, he signed autographs for everyone that approached him; he could have been like Slava or Kari today, and avoided everyone. But he didn't. He signed everyones gear until no one else wanted an autograph. Hossa is truly loved in Atlanta, and I like him a lot too. I hope he stays, but I understand his desire to win a the Stanley Cup. Even if it means with another team.

    Just going to the morning skate was really cool for me. I have to say kudos to Eric Boulton too. He is so approachable. He was really nice. He went in the locker room and then came back out and took some family photos with a family from Peachtree City. I was asked if I wanted to get in the picture too, and I did. It was great! I guess having this experience made me feel good about being a Thrashers fan. Almost all of the players were very nice.

    By Anonymous Steve S, at 4:05 PM  

  • We have a lot of nice people on our team. If only being nice won you Stanley Cups--sadly it doesn't.

    By Blogger The Falconer, at 12:41 AM  

  • True. I am not saying that we should n't trade or demote players who are not producing or doing their job well enough. But if Waddell does not trade them or bench them, then we have to make the best of it and encourage them. I have always been told that you attract bees with honey not vinegar. I am not trying to be friends with these guys, but maybe if they get some fan support, they might turn it around. In other words, these two have been criticized probably a lot not to mention that they know that they maybe beating themselves up already. Hopefully, they will take things to heart and give it a better effort. Like I have said, at some point, they were good enough to get offers for contracts. Hopefully, the two of them will focus on what they have done well and try to produce that again for the sake of the team and the fans.

    On another note, remember what I said about Detroit's defense? Look at their situation now!!! Lidstrom will be out for three weeks and Rafalski is also going on the IR. So, they may have to keep Kronwall. He may not be touched and they may have to trade for a defenseman. Interesting!

    Also, I though Marleau was injured? He played last night vs. the Devils. He didn't score, but he played. Cheechoo is coming around now.

    Colorado's woes continue, but Sakic and Statsny are with the team. I wonder when they will return. On Colorado's website, they say Stastny may come back on the road trip. Sakic is practicing, but it may be longer. It is predicted that he will come back before the end of the regular season. Again, he is not sure when. It may be sooner than we think because Sakic said that he is practicing hard with some pain, but he feels that he has got to play through it somewhat. Those are his words.

    Back to the trade for Hossa, NHL Network said and Waddell said that Hossa is going for sure now. It is a matter of where. The only teams that are Stanley Cup contenders that I could really see are Montreal, San Jose, Detroit, and maybe even Buffalo. I don't think Detroit needs help up front as much. Their defense is in a predicament now without Rafalski and Lidstrom. San José could use some offense. It was noted this morning on the NHL Network on the Fly that San José does not have a 20 goal scorer. So, there's the argument for San José.
    As we all know DW went to Montreal, and that is who I have heard is the probable target of the Hossa trade.
    Buffalo is possibly going to sign or trade Brian Campbell. Boy, that would be nice. Campbell on our defense!!! Buffalo may not be as heavily favored for the Stanley Cup right now as Montreal, but Buffalo is surging right now. They have so many young forwards; Vanek is now surging after he got a hat trick last night vs. Lightning. They are in ninth as of this morning. I just can't see Philly or Boston lasting through the stretch. Maybe I am wrong, but I think Buffalo is going to at least get that 8th spot. But you never know. Thomas plays so well, but then sometimes Boston's defense blows it. Same with Philly. They have lost some really key games recently, but they look so dominant against the Thrashers except for the last game when we lost 3-2. Who knows?

    I know that Rob Blake and Dan Boyle are also up for free agency, but I don't think Hossa will go to either place; I heard it is rare that you will trade like this within your division, and LA is far from a Stanley Cup contender right now.

    If Hossa goes to Montreal, who will they get. I keep hearing Higgins name from you and others, but we need a defenseman. If Waddell doesn't see that, he is blind!!!! But then this wouldn't be the first time Waddell has not traded well.

    I don't know. I could speculate all morning. These next five days are going to be brutal. All I know is that the Thrashers need these next two over the weekend and Carolina and Washington need to lose. For us to get that third spot vs. the eighth spot is going to be the best way to get in. If Buffalo, the Islanders, and the Rangers keep playing the way they do, it will be harder for the Thrashers to get in. But anything can happen.

    By Anonymous Steve S., at 8:13 AM  

  • I just reviewed some of your trade wish list again. Niskanen would be a nice trade right now. I could deal with a young defenseman who has 22 pts. and a +13 rating. Plus Stu Barnes just went on the IR. With Hossa's 53 pts., He would be a nice fit for them. I wonder if Dallas would throw in another good forward. I know you mentioned Jokinen; what about Lehtinen or Hagman. I like Hagman. He has 34 points and is about the same age as Hossa.

    What do you think?

    By Anonymous Steve S., at 8:24 AM  

  • I just went to and saw this entry from La Presse:

    Mathias Brunet reports there is no evidence yet to confirm the Atlanta Thrashers have dealt Marian Hossa to the Montreal Canadiens but the paper was told the club has ordered gear for Hossa in the Canadiens colours. Brunet suggests such a move is no indication a deal is in the bag, claiming two years ago the same thing was done in anticipation of a multi-player trade that would've seen the Canadiens acquire Nikolai Khabibulin and Adrian Aucoin from Chicago for Jose Theodore, Mike Ribeiro and Pierre Dagenais, a move that never materialized. Names believed offered up for Hossa are Michael Ryder and Mark Streit.

    So, take this for what you will. The Montreal trade makes the most sense. I was looking at Mark Streit's numbers, and I would be happy with him as he is the 2nd leading defenseman for Montreal behind Markov, and 8th in the NHL for points, but is -7 in +/- category. Michael Ryder would not be bad either. Although I heard tha Calgary might be looking to trade for Ryder. Interesting that they say that they have ordered gear for Hossa, but this was done once before and the trade never materialized. However, you have to look at the fact that Waddell has been to Montreal for talks, Hossa wants to go to a Stanley Cup contender, and with things shaking up the way they are, I think it is going to happen with Montreal. I just hope we get a good trade out of it.

    I was at the Morning Practice yesterday, and Hossa was not there. I don't think he has a fever; I think he is getting ready to go. If you look at the schedule, the Thrashers are playing Montreal on 2/26, the day of the trade deadline. If this trade happens, then the Thrashers will face Montreal with Hossa and we will have who they gave up. Might be interesting.

    On, they are also talking about trading Hossa for Vermette. I wouldn't mind that, but I still would like a defenseman like Meszaros since Corvo is unavailable now. There is no way we would get Redden or Phillips. Redden has already said that he is not waiving his no trade clause. He plans to stay in Ottawa.

    By Anonymous Steve S., at 9:12 AM  

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