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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday not so Super for Thrashers

OK I'll admit. I gave my Thrasher tickets away to stay home and watch the election returns come in on Super Tuesday. Having said that, I did tape the game and watched it later and I have to say the Thrashers deserved to win the game in my opinion. Hossa and Kovalchuk both had some good looking chances they couldn't quite convert.

Lehtonen let in a softie from the blueline. He will never be considered a top goalie as long he lets those in. Eliot said that the great save he made later made up for it, but they still lost by 1 goal. That softie put his team behind and that changed the way the Thrashers played the game--and it changed the momentum of the contest.

Earlier I gave this team a very hard time because of a series of weak efforts. Now going back to the pre-All Star Game versus the Rangers that makes 5 games in a row where they have worked harder than the opposition. I can't remember any stretch this season where they have showed this kind of heart.


  • I agree with your statement "they have worked harder the opposition. I can't remember any stretch this season where they have showed this kind of heart" to an extent. For the 5 games that you were referring to, yes. The big thing, as the won/loss record reflects, is consistency, or lack thereof. With the SE division being in a shambles this season it appears that only the division winner is going to make the playoffs. As Carroll Rogers points out in todays (2/07) AJC, the current trend is that all SE teams are only average at best except Washington since Jan. 1st. And of course the Capitals took over the division lead last night.

    As bad as our defense has been this season, along with the fact that we do not have a real coach, the division title is still up for grabs. I hope that we are the team that plays with the most "heart" the final 26 games, 14 of which are division opponents.
    Go Thrashers!

    By Blogger Tween the Pipes, at 3:52 PM  

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