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Monday, January 28, 2008

All Star Weekend a Huge Hit

I'm totally worn out and exhausted today and I'll have some pictures to post later. I can only speak for myself and the people that went with me to events this weekend but I had a terrific experience.

The game itself was played with more passion than I expected. Seeing numerous All-Stars up close on the Red Carpet Arrival was a personal highlight. So a tip of my hat to the NHL and the Atlanta Thrashers organization for putting together a great weekend for the fans.


  • A terrific game Sunday. The saturday event wasn't as exciting. To see most of the games brightest stars on two teams is really a treat. I suppose that we would all like to see real, hard hitting hockey the way that it is supposed to be played, but after all this is an exibition. Most all of the reviews have been very positive. I would be interested in a Goalies perspective. Also considered to be the best players in Goal, what do they think about playing behind a Lite Defense? Nabokov and Ricky D. had great games.
    A big plus for hockey in Atlanta and the Southeast.

    By Blogger Tween the Pipes, at 8:47 AM  

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