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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thrashers Players After 10 Games

2008-2009 Season Corsi Numbers
(Net Shots Attempted at ES while that players was on the ice)
-32 Team

+16 Exelby
+8 Bogosian
+8 Oystrick
+1 Schnedier
-4 Hainsey
-45 Havelid
-52 Enstrom

Comments: Well the Swedish D pair is getting badly outshot. Keep in mind that these number numbers for shots fired at even strength only. Now it is possible that the Enstrom-Havelid pairing are being matched up against the other team's top line, but they are still allowing too many shots. The Swedish D pairing has been out shot badly at ES in both the first five games of the season and the next set of five game (-28 and -24 for Enstrom).

Exelby was a strong +16 in the first 5 games but has slipped to -8 in the next five games, the same pattern is there for Hainsey (unsurprisingly) who was +4 in the first five and -8 in the next five. Schneider on the other hand started off -5 and then went +6 in his next five games.

+26 Armstrong
+6 Perrin
+4 Kozlov
+3 Reasoner
0 Christensen
-4 Sterling
-11 Williams
-12 White
-14 Slater
-19 Kovlachuk
-20 Boulton
-20 Thorburn
-28 Little

Comments: What Colby Armstong has done is nothing short of amazing. On a team which has been out shot by 32 so far this season he is an astonishing +26 on the season. The Thrashers have out shot the opposition when Armstrong is out on the ice at ES in 9 of the 10 games to start the season (NJD is the one exception).

On the other extreme we find the Greek God line (Slater -14, Bouton -20 and Throburn -23) and the Kovalchuk line (Kovalchuk -19, Little -28 and White -12). This continues a trend from last season. Last year both Kovalchuk's line and the 4th line were badly out chanced at even strength.


  • Thanks for all of the work that you've done here. Interesting stuff.

    A couple of house-keeping things. Is this all EV strength situations or just 5v5?

    Also, your breakdown of Exelby doesn't match his initial number. Is he actually +17?

    Thanks again for all of your work.

    By Blogger Scott, at 4:28 PM  

  • Scott: All of those numbers are 5>5 or 4>4 situations only.

    I'll correct the Exelby mismatch, he is +16 on the season.

    By Blogger The Falconer, at 5:02 PM  

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