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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thrashers Deserving Some Praise

We are VERY early in the NHL season right but a couple of Thrashers are putting forth a strong effort which has staked the team to a 2-2-2 record, despite playing with one less superstar this season.

The website has a ranking for forwards, defense and goalies. Right now their formula has the Thrashers own Ron Hainsey ranked as the #1 defensemen in the NHL. His high ranking is due to his outstanding defensive score (which will almost certainly decline with time). Kovalchuk ranks at the 13th best forward and he has not really heated up yet.

Kari Lehtonen gets comes out looking pretty good in this analysis by Tyler Dellow. He ranks all the goalies who have seen 2000 shots since the lockout and Lehtonen ends up ranking #11 out of 38 who qualify. If you want to see more about his method, click here to go to the post. I've always said that if you put Kari in front of a respectable NHL defense he would probably look like a star.


  • I saw almost all of the Detroit game, and, although the loss was discouraging, I have to say that to go from 4-1 to 4-3, and then take a chance with the extra player, and then lose to 5-3 stinks.
    But, on the other side, the guys looked like they never gave up. I bet those guys in the press are eating their words about Hainsey. I agree with you that Hainsey was so underrated. I am so glad we have him; I had a feeling before the trades started coming that ASG was going to go after him or get him. Way to go, Sterling. I hope he gets more play time, but I also hope that Christensen and Williams also start to come around. Christensen is getting gritty and getting in front of the net, but is not scoring yet. I am wondering if it is the better play of the other defense or if it is his inability. Not sure, but I hope he gets it together soon. Same with Williams. I have not seen much production from him since either the home opener or 2nd game. I hope that he starts to produce more; that would stink if we get him, and he is a bust. In a year when ASG finally is taking a chance with some new acquisitions, and getting some young guys like Little and Sterling, I hope that we get a good return on both acquisitions and player development.

    One more comment, I know Exelby's numbers are better, but is it because the other defenseman like Hainsey are carrying him, or is he really improving? If he is not, I hope that they give Hoffman, Kulda, or Valabik a shot at his spot. Let Bogosian keep developing with Schneider, but get rid of Exelby if he is not producing.

    Props to Kari for hanging in there. 4 goals scored on him, but he didn't allow a single goal in the 3rd period. I know they got the empty netter, but I don't count that.

    The guys have got to convert better on the man advantage. They were 1 for 6, and they didn't score on a powerplay on Detroit until they had a 5 on 3, and they almost didn't.

    By Anonymous steve, at 8:23 AM  

  • The names are respectable on our D, but the shots against aren't.

    By Blogger Justino, at 11:37 AM  

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